lavender rose parker

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19 she / her pansexual
july 21st cancer
marvel oc

date: 7 july 2022


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before you follow
admin is an adult so please do not follow if that makes you uncomfortable. will go ia from time to time due to work and school. does not tw/cw food, body image, or appearance.


username: @lavparkerr

password: ***********

do not interact
basic dni criteria. -16 or +25. support trump, jkr, tom felton, etc. __phobic, racist, ableist, etc. if you are a part of allsos. if you use or interact with fonts. nsfw and fake life accs.

extra info

lavender is the sister to adelaide may parker. she is extremely sweet and often too trusting. she can be sensitive at times, so bear with her. she loves to talk about the things she likes, and also loves making friends. she is a writer and works for a publishing company writing poems about different things such as her life and things she has been through. she may seem quiet or shy but warms up to people easily and is a huge sweetheart. she is very bubbly and welcoming to almost everyone, please don't be afraid to reach out and dm her!

likes fay, blue, purple, rain, crystals, astrology, lemonade, poetry, cats, watermelon, books.dislikes liars, fake people, drama, pqrts, bullies, winter, driving, snow, yelling, thunder.

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20 they / them
talks ooc with / or //
comfortable with anything as long as it is mutual
please let me know if lavender or i ever make you uncomfortable (that is never our intention)